My writing experience is non-fiction so stepping out into fiction is a whole, new, wildly exciting/terrifying experience. As a non-fiction writer, I relied on research to provide a base of understanding from which I crafted the articles. As a fiction writer, I have to rely on myself to make this &#%! up.

I ghostwrote two non-fiction books, both of which earned the national bestseller honour. The first book I consider to be my third child. It was published in 2018, was included in the top ten books of the decade, and three years post-publication still leads on numerous bestseller categories on My book baby continues to feature weekly in the top ten of various national bestseller lists.

I also was the ghostwriter for a blog that grew from 700 to 150,000 visitors per month over eight years. Subscribers for the newsletter related to the blog expanded from 300 to 5,000 over the same time period.

You can ask me for the titles of the books and the blog’s name, but if I tell you, I will have to kill you. You will just have to trust me that I am not making this &#%! up.

Before my ghostwriting career, I contributed quarterly to the Association of Mineral Exploration for BC magazine for eighteen years. To this day, I have seen neither an exploration site nor a mine. I think those articles fall under the heading of “creative non-fiction.” The learning trajectory was vertical as I do not have a background in anything remotely related to mineral exploration. I also wrote for a golfing magazine despite the fact I have never hit a golf ball and a trucking magazine, and as you may have surmised, I do not drive a big rig.

That’s my writing career summed up.

Juliet Domvile

PS: Vaccination #2 plus booster done & dusted! Still wearing my mask in public and maintaining six feet from fellow humans.