In late 2020, I left my long-time employment as a ghostwriter/blogger and decided to write a novel. I have always been a voracious reader, but reading books and writing them are two distinct endeavours. I was clueless on the mechanics of character development, point of view, plot, pace, dialogue . . . So, I did what we all do when faced with a “how-to” question – I availed myself of the world wide web. After much research and active procrastination (our house and garden existed in an altered state of cleanliness), I wrote “The Goodbye Girls: Putting Fun in Funerals.” I completed the first draft in early January 2022. 

“Now what?” became my next question. How does one find a publisher? Back to the world wide web. The publishing world is changing. There are more publishing options and formats. Authors can now choose between taking the traditional path of submitting synopsizes to traditional publishing houses, self-publishing, or indie-publishing. And books are published in print, epub, or audio formats. 

As wonderful as it is to have choices, trying to decide which path to take and which service provider to trust with their book baby is daunting and more than a little stressful. 

I thought it might be interesting for visitors to my site to travel along with me on my passage to publication. I will be adding to this page as we move along to the Big Day.