When Aislin Fitzgerald’s professional life implodes, she does what most millennials do—she bolts for home. But, for Aislin, home is complicated. Her relationship with her grandmother, Letty—her sole relative— is awkward and confrontational, and her hometown is filled with memories and people she has been avoiding her entire adult life.

It’s not all bad, though. A chance meeting with Aislin’s former best friend, Sarah, leads to a niche market business opportunity. Noticing how entertained Letty is by attending funerals, they form a funeral planning business, The Goodbye Girls. But things get off to a rocky start when their first gig is for a murdered member of the local biker club, and the prime suspect disappears. While bodies stack up, tensions rise, and drinks flow, Aislin and Sarah find themselves leagues out of their comfort zone.

As Aislin learns to navigate living under the roof with her testy and, as it turns out, lusty grandmother, she also learns to unclench, trust, and accept love in all shapes and sizes. The Goodbye Girls take you on an entertaining adventure through the trials of friendship and love—and have you putting the fun in funeral.