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The Goodbye Girls is the brainchild of author Juliet Domvile, a master of weaving compelling narratives that draw readers into the fabric of small-town life.

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What began with the random thought, “If I wanted to start a funeral planning business, what would I call it?” resulted in an award-winning novel called The Goodbye Girls Putting The Fun In Funerals. The Goodbye Girls book(s) are filled with rich, quirky characters with complicated relationships and unforgettable adventures.

At the heart of our mission is a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling. We see it as a force that connects people, sparks creativity, and ignites the imagination. 

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Honoured to be selected as the winner of the Humour/Comedy/Satire category.

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Autographing for book clubbers

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Juliet’s blog is for readers interested in the writing process and writers beginning the writing process. She shares her journey from decades of non-fiction ghostwriting to award-winning fiction. Peppered within the posts about writing are reviews of books that influenced her writing.

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Join us on this literary journey, and connect with us through our blog, where we delve into discussions about books, the art of writing, and the enchanting world of literature. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community.

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This website isn’t just a platform; it’s a reflection of the dedication and passion of Juliet Domvile and The Goodbye Girls Team. Together, we’re excited to share stories, experiences, and our enduring love for literature with you.

Thank you for visiting. Get ready to explore, imagine, and enjoy the world of storytelling with us.

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– Juliet Domvile and The Goodbye Girls Team


In Juliet Domvile’s book “The Goodbye Girls,” Aislin Fitzgerald decides to return to her grandmother’s house when she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. She had lost her job after making details of a friend’s abusive marriage public. Her relationship with her grandmother Letty was strained after Aislin had vanished following her grandfather’s death. Aislin’s return to her hometown brought back memories she desperately wanted to avoid. She runs into her former best friend, Sarah, and they rekindle their friendship. The two have an epiphany and decide to start a funeral planning business called “The Goodbye Girls.” The idea was born out of the increasing number of deaths in the community and Letty’s love of funerals. Things do not go as planned for the friends, and their business proposal quickly turns into a nightmare.

Juliet Domvile takes readers on a journey through the ups and downs of friendship, family, and love. “The Goodbye Girls” is a flawless page-turner. Each character has distinct characteristics that set them apart and make them appealing. The reviewer’s favorite character was Letty. She is smart-mouthed and reckless, much to the dismay of her granddaughter. Domvile’s novel is the ideal blend of suspense, romance, humor, and adventure. The reviewer was completely engrossed in the pages. The plot was uncomplicated, and the storyline was seamless. Aislin and Sarah make a perfect duo, and the friendship is admirable. It was a fantastic book, short and interesting to read. If you enjoy suspenseful novels with a dash of humor, don’t pass this one up.

Reviewed by Idowu Adekunle for Readers’ Favorite