In late 2020, I left my long-time employment as a ghostwriter/blogger and decided to write a novel. I have always been a voracious reader, but reading books and writing them are two distinct endeavours. I was clueless on the mechanics of character development, point of view, plot, pace, dialogue . . . So, I did what we all do when faced with a “how-to” question – I availed myself of the world wide web. After much research and active procrastination (our house and garden existed in an altered state of cleanliness), I wrote “The Goodbye Girls: Putting Fun in Funerals.” I completed the first draft in early January 2022. 

“Now what?” became my next question. Do I put myself through the hell of writing a synopsis and submitting it to every publisher known to mankind? Or do I take the road less travelled? I chose the latter. 

While working as a ghostwriter, I had the great good fortune to work with Page Two Books. Simply put, they are wonderfully professional and take care of every aspect of producing and marketing a non-fiction book. I couldn’t work with them on my book because they only work with non-fiction authors. But, they did recommend a company that provided the same level of service: Girl Friday Productions.

I poured over Girl Friday’s website. They had me at “We are a full-service firm built to support independent authors with holistic teams of publishing experts. Granting total royalties and complete creative control, Girl Friday empowers authors to achieve their dreams.”

I knew they would be a good fit. But, would they take me, an unknown author, on as a client? Only one way to find out. With great trepidation, I filled in their contact form and gave a two-line description of my book, clicked “send,” and went for a walk with my dogs, leaving my phone at home so that I didn’t obsessively compulsively check my inbox. When I returned, there was the magic message – they were interested in talking to me to find out more about the book and my publishing goals.

Publishing goals? I thought publishing was the goal. Or rather the dream.